Monday, 5-7 @ Kimmel Commuter Lounge: Eunice/Stephan

Monday, 6-8 @ Stern 3 FL: Nathan/Nancy

Tuesday, 4-6 @ NYU-Poly Regna Lounge: Audrey/Kevin

Tuesday, 7-9 @ Uhall Atrium: Kevin/Christine

Tuesday, 8-10 @ Palladium Seminar Room: Josh/Clare

Thursday, 5-7 @ Kimmel 7FL: Aaron/Whitney

Thursday, 7-9 @ Bobst Lower Level: Diana/Albert

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1st BAMM meeting!

Our first BAMM will be this Sunday, September 9 from 2-4pm on Kimmel 7th Fl. For those of you who are leaders or servers on a committee, this meeting is mandatory! It’s important that we equip ourselves together, through training and prayer, to be a witnessing community; and to care for our personal growth/transformation as we serve God’s kingdom.

Even if you don’t have an official role, God is still inviting you to partner with Him. You are most definitely welcome to join us at BAMM!

Please forward this to anyone I missed, and also feel free to invite freshmen who are passionate about God’s mission.

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Welcome Week Events!

With the school year swiftly approaching, your friendly, neighborhood AACF has planned a bunch of events for freshmen and seekers to come out and have fun! Below is the schedule; make sure you RSVP!

Monday & Wednesday (12-2pm) @ Schwartz Plaza: Minute to Win it

Monday & Wednesday (3-5pm) @ Schwartz Plaza: Nerf Guns

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (12-2pm) @ Schwartz Plaza: Melted Candy

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (3-5pm) @ Schwartz Plaza: Proxe Stations

Tuesday (1:30-3:30pm) in Washington Square Park: Worship in the Park!

Tuesday (6-8pm): Ramen Party

Friday (8pm) @ Uhall: Ice Cream Social

Wednesday (6-8pm): Major’s Panel

Saturday (11-2pm): Chinatown Food Tour

Sunday (7-9pm): Chicken & Rice

Monday All Day: Coney Island

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E-Board 12-13

President: Venus Chui (
Small Group Coordinator: Ray Low (
Large Group Coordinators: David Du ( & Kevin Liu (
Prayer Meeting Coordinators: Janelle Ho ( & Erin Mui (
Outreach Coordinator: Cathy Lee (

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